Last Program 2019

Application process started for 4-Weeks Summer Training in June - July 2019 in USA.

Interested students should submit name, email and cell no. to register and complete an application form for US Visa process starting in December 2019 to February 2020.

✓ Last Summer Program was conducted from 16 June 2019 at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

Interested student to enroll, appear for Visa interview and be ready to fly on 15 June 2019 for 28 days for the empowering Summer Certificate Program

Enhancing Opportunities for Admission in accredited US University and for Global Job Prospects,

Includes hassle-free Visa application, Flight-ticket with health insurance and secure value for money by expert team.

Interested students should email for IUP’s Invitation and filing of Visa application with US Embassy (partly refundable deposit of Rs. 41,000 required for U.S. Visa application)

‘US Educational Consulting’ is a tourism, training, admission and placement organisation supporting Indian University students in USA. It has partnered with various US State Universities for organizing vocational training, cultural and sightseeing tours in United States. USEC is consultant for academic exchange for BS/MS/MBA degree courses in engineering and management and for admissions with reputed U.S. State Universities, working for various distinguished Indian Universities to fulfill aspirations of their students and parents.

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